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Thursday, 20 November 2008
By Allison Choike
GUIDON staff

The time leading up to a Soldier’s arrival from deployment can be one filled with excitement, questions and apprehension — and that is why the 94th Engineer Battalion is making sure family members and their Soldiers have the most memorable and happy reunion they can.    

The 94th Engr. Bn. rear detachment and numerous volunteers from Fort Leonard Wood hosted a reunion workshop for spouses and family members, Monday, to gain information about what to expect when their Soldier comes home.

Capt. Kim Jodie, 94th Engr. Bn, rear detachment commander, said the workshops were created to get key information out in a comfortable forum.

“Some of the things we talk about are finances and battlemind for spouses — that is getting into the mindset that when your Soldier is home, things won’t go back to being the same,” Jodie said. “Things change and they won’t go back to the way they were before. We also have a chaplain who talks with them about the reunion, intimacy and being together again.”

Col. Robert Risberg, 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade commander, said the workshop was designed to help spouses, Soldiers and their families adjust to being together again after being apart for so long.

“This is wonderful training for adjusting well to being back together again,” Risberg said. “But your Soldiers are in a different mindset and have been very focused … it takes time to calm down.”

The reunion workshop was the second in a series of three, Jodie said. Starting 90 days out from the redeployment, the rear detachment wanted to start getting in the mindset and get everyone — Soldiers and family members — prepared.

“We have been talking about this (workshops and redeployment) nonstop,” Jodie said. “I have got a lot of feedback from the spouses, both negative and positive. The negative was the spouses actually wanting more information from certain instructors.”

In the end, all the spouses and family members really want is information.

“You can get a lot more information from the workshops, and I can get a better understanding on what to expect when my husband comes home,” said Susan Beaver, military family member.

Beaver said she has been to both workshops and looks at going to them as necessary because she is the Family Readiness Group leader for the 77th Engineer Company.

“I will be able to get out a lot of what I learned to our families, because some of them couldn’t be here.”

  “Some of the most valuable information are the coping skills to understand what to expect when they come home and not to have high expectations that everything is going to be a perfect happy family,” Beaver said.

The 94th Engr. Bn. rear detachment will be hosting another reunion workshop,  9 a.m. to noon, Dec. 10-11 from at Nutter Fieldhouse and Jodie said family members and spouses from the 94th Engr. Bn. should come.

“It (workshop) helps them really get an understanding about the changes and the challenges that they will go through when their Soldier comes home,” Jodie said.

  For more information about the reunion workshop contact the rear detachment 596.6937.
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