Memorial Day/Summer Safety Message: Reflect on service, be safe

By Maj. Gen. Kent Savre and Command Sgt. Maj. Jon Stanley
Special to GUIDON

Each year on the last Monday in May, we observe Memorial Day — a time to commemorate our fallen heroes.

This year, on Monday, we reflect upon their service to our nation, including their sacrifice which resulted in the privilege of our freedom.

As Memorial Day leads into the summer season, we ask that you maintain situational awareness in all you do, particularly in outdoor activities.

As temperatures increase, it is critical to hydrate every single day.

Ensure fire extinguishers are functional and nearby during cookouts. Simple safety practices, such as wearing protective gear when using power equipment, can prevent needless injury.

Enjoy the lakes and rivers in the area, but always use a personal floatation device. Consuming alcohol while near water, swimming or…     Read More...