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Wednesday, 12 March 2008
Capt. Nils French, Canadian exchange officer, ArmyEngineer School, receives a coin of excellence from Maj.Gen.Bill McCoy, Maneuver Support Center and Fort LeonardWood, commanding general, as Command Sgt. Maj. Karl Groninger looks on. Photo by Luke Waack.
By Luke Waack

Volunteerism, selfless-service, initiative and creativity displayed by Fort Leonard Wood’s servicemembers and civilians was rewarded in an Appreciation of Excellence Award Ceremony at the Pershing Community Center, March 4.   Maj. Gen. Bill McCoy, Fort Leonard Wood and Maneuver Support Center commanding general, presented community members with certificates in recognition of thirty or more years of service as well as commander coins and certificates for excellence in a variety of areas.

Joe Driskill, executive director of the Leonard Wood Institute, was recognized as the outstanding community supporter of the quarter.

“Joe Driskill is a catalyst for innovative ideas — such as the tech park we have in the Leonard Wood institute — designed to bring research companies here to assist us in figuring out our mission,” McCoy said.

Dennis Ryno, MANSCEN safety office, was honored for thirty years of service in the United States government. Ryno has worked in the safety office for the last 17 years and worked at the commissary for 13 years.

“It is good to be recognized. It is nice that they pay attention to that kind of thing and actually reward you for it,” Ryno said.

McCoy recognized others for decades of government service; Barbara Campbell, Directorate of Resource Management, 35 years of service; Edward Rumold, Capabilities Development Integration Directorate, 35 years of service;
Eric Niver, CDID, 35 years of service; Clyde Davison, Quality Assurance Office, 30 years of service; Lloyd Lenker, 1st Engineer Brigade, 30 years of service and Kevin Hebl, Staff Judge Advocate, 30 years of service.

Awardees of the Commander’s Coin for excellence were: Kevin Barton, Jeff Beacham, Master Sgt. Chad Blachowski, Sgt. 1st Class Tedde Black, Staff Sgt. Jackie Darden, Charles Dieman, David Engbrecht, Marvin Frank, Capt. Nils French, Staff Sgt. Angela Fuehrer, Kenneth Gardner, Buddy Glover, Staff Sgt. Willie Harris, Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Hatcher, Mica Hendricks, Susan Hill, Larry Jackson, Kristen Jenner, Mike Johnson, Michael Jones, Robert Leonard, Sgt. 1st Class Gregory Luce, Sgt. Leslee Ann Moon, Aaron O’Donoghue, Tanksley Onecia, Dawn Perkins, Pfc. Christopher Perkinson, Corliss Rucker, 1st. Lt. Tyler Sandoval, Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Sanson, Nicholas Schick, Roy Tappendick, Don Thorson, Daniel Waddle, Sgt. 1st Class Robert Wempe, Don Westling, Randall Wortham, Ed Zielonka, Brent Hudson, Luis Love and Christine Toth.

Awardees of the Commander’s certificate for excellence were: the Marine Detachment, Engineer Equipment Instruction Company; Chief Warrant Officer Alan Clyne, Master Sgt. Robert Johns, Staff Sgt. Jeremy Pelham, Terry Baum and Art Baise; General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital, Family Readiness Group Volunteers; Sgt 1st Class Gregory Luce, Sgt. 1st Class Larry Bateman, Staff Sgt. Christopher Blomgren, Sgt. Lolita Waverly, Pfc. Shay Gentile, Pfc. Rachel Malone, Pfc. Andrenese Wilson, 1st Sgt. Timothy Mann, Shelly Johnson, Stacey Bateman, Spc. Heather Laymon, Sgt. Kaoline Hall, Master Sgt. Diahann White, Staff Sgt. Brian Shirley, Pfc. Angela White and Spc. Juliet Mendonez; the Summit Park Playground Crew; Tech. Sgt. John Keller, Tech. Sgt. Daniel Smith, Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Young, Tech. Sgt. Kerry Parsons, Staff Sgt. Christopher J. Hannah, Tech. Sgt. Randy Bennett, Tech. Sgt. Tobbie May, Tech. Sgt. Emery Plumley, Tech. Sgt. Jason Lidtke, Staff Sgt. Robert Phelps, Senior Airman Ben Garrett and Staff Sgt. Daniel Linville; Installation Food Advisory; Jay Glover, Melody Richards and Ginny Jacobs; Test Control Branch of the MANSCEN Directorate of Training, Steven Hoffman, Phyllis Grayson, Justina Nering and Bruce Dennick; the 562nd Engineer (Firefighting) Detachment Firefighters; Firefighter Scott Sveum, Driver Operator Robert Gonzales Jr., Driver Operator Kenneth Gremp IV and Firefighter Christopher Pruitt; the Special Events and Program Team; Bernie Riker, LoraLee Neubeck, Steve Heath, Susan Herndon and Krystal McGee; United States Army Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear School, 3rd Chemical Brigade; Lenn Clark and Robert Simcox; the 342nd Military Police Battalion S-1 Shop; Marilyn Pacheco, Staff Sgt. Shae Williamson, Spc. Angie Padilla, Spc. Laura Cannon, Pvt. Jennifer Duda, Terrance Golden, Sgt. Leslee Moon, Spc. Alida Rothmel and Pfc. Amanda Young; Force Protection Joint Experiment Virtual Base Defense Operating Center Simulation Experiment Team; Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Jones, Linda Below, Wendy Williams, Julie Hirtz, Dennis Hutchinson, Sgt. 1st Class Richard Danda, Luna Figueroa, Maj. Scott Werkmeister, Jocelyn Morris, Vic Gunderson and Phil Roberson; Media Branch of the MANSCEN Directorate of Training; Cindy Major, Steven Stacy, Rodney Moss, Judy Booher, Desma Hutsell, Meredith Jansen, Diana Dean, Marvin McFarland, Shannon Taylor, Bonnie Camp, Mark Dean, Cindy Veach, Diane Eidson, Rena Humphrey, Jesse Rutledge, Ronnie King, Timothy Blake and Kuisha-Katie Jones; Morale Welfare Recreation Tour of Missouri Team; Sahra Ulrich, Julie Emerson, Crystal Krewko, Mica Hendricks, Jewell Crawford, Pamela Alexander, Lydia Dahlke, Janet Williams, Megan O’Donoghue and Kevin Tryon.

Additional awardees of the Commander’s Certificate for excellence were: 1st Engr. Bde., 577th Engr. Bn.; Staff Sgt. Randall Tebay, Sgt. Gregory Berges, Spc. Gene Holten, Spc. Paul Waldrop, Staff Sgt. Arnold Gerodias, Sgt. April Hart and Spc. Bobby Lohman, Dennis Lindsay, Robert Bowers and Jeffrey Rohrer; Company B 577th Engr. Bn.; Joe Clabaugh, Dave Bradford, Sgt. 1st Class Tarvis Walker and Staff Sgt. Taren Wilson; 1st Engr. Bde., 577th Engr. Bn.; Sgt. 1st Class John Kelley, Staff Sgt. Gene Pointer, Sgt. Reynoldo Espinoza, Spc. Gene Holten, Sgt. Scott Nicholson, Staff Sgt. Clarence Carber, Staff Sgt. Eric Johnson, Staff Sgt. Crispin Quintana, Staff Sgt. Salavas Patterson, Sgt. Tony Smith, Spc. Wilfred Johnson, Staff Sgt. William Neu, Staff Sgt. Christopher Lepine, Staff Sgt. Shawn Wimbush, Sgt. Arnold Gerodias and Sgt. Michael Martin; Holiday Block Leave Team Transportation Motor Pool; Leroy Carter, Wallace Creighton, Terry Fay, Debra Hendrix, Kenneth Kimble, William Roach, John Taylor, Vannie Williams, Dennis Chaffee, Dale Diedrich, Mark Harper, Toby Hendrix, William Randall, John Sudheimer and Gordon Whorton; 1st Engr. Bde.; Sgt 1st Class Keith Stalnaker, Staff Sgt. David Carpenter, Staff Sgt. Jeff Bowman, Greg Wolf, Andrew Wilbur, Sgt 1st Class Lawrence Hendrix, Staff Sgt. Spencer Graham, Staff Sgt. Jason Ward, Master Sgt. Robert Ellsworth, Sgt. 1st Class Charles Schasteen, Ann Thomas, Trina Haro, Vicki Dabolt, Susan Rather, Pfc. Adam Rush, Pvt. Marty Wright and Pfc. David Stein; United States Army Military Police School; Alan Earl and Staff Sgt. Max Foster; Shop with a Cop Program Team; Capt. Marshall Sybert, Maj. Thomas Russell-Tutty, Master Sgt. Jason Mosher, Sgt. Trayce Lang, 1st Sgt. Stacy Ball, Sgt. 1st Class John Cannon, 1st Sgt. Khalid Mustafaa, Lt. Col. Jesse Galvan, Spc. Timothy Woodfork, David Wallace and 1st Lt. Jennifer Starnes; Air Force Emergency Management Technical School Team; Senior Master Sgt. Samuel Hazzard, Tech. Sgt. Mark Campbell, Tech. Sgt. Klint Fritz, Tech. Sgt. Wendy Squires, Staff Sgt. Christopher Ackerman, Staff Sgt. Kristen Cook, Staff Sgt. Kelley Donovan, Staff Sgt. Richard Snyder, Tech. Sgt. Alan Brender, Tech. Sgt. Garrett Dow, Tech. Sgt. Steven Hausner, Tech. Sgt. Kyle Yoder, Staff Sgt. Joshua Burns, Staff Sgt. Deborah Deavers, Staff Sgt. Thomas Shearer and Senior Airman Cory Worden.
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